Board of Directors

image of Fred Markham
Fred Markham

Fred Markham is a systems engineer in Melbourne, FL, with 30 years experience developing defense electronics systems. His primary political interest is campaign finance reform: he believes that our system of privately financing election campaigns inevitably concedes control of government to private and corporate wealth, regardless of the best intentions of individual politicians. The system itself must be changed if we are to have a democracy that truly represent the best interests of the country’s citizens.

image of Bobette Wolesensky
Bobette Wolesensky

Ms. Wolesensky is an Associate Professor of Communication at Palm Beach State College in Boca Raton and a Greenpeace Lead Activist. She has been involved in environmental, social justice and education freeform organizing form most of her adult life. She holds a B.A. in Speech from Nebraska Wesleyan University and an M.A. in Speech with an emphasis on Organizational Communication from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Bonnie Redding

Bonnie Redding worked as a legal assistant/paralegal in New York, Washington D.C., and Florida. She has been active as a political, environmental, and animal rights organizer for many years. She is Secretary of the Green Party of Florida and Treasurer of the Palm Beach County Green Party.

Yury Konnikov

Mr. Konnikov is an information technology professional. He is presently pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration. Mr. Konnikov has served as Student Trustee at Palm Beach State College, Chair of the Boca Raton City Education Advisory Board, and on Boynton Beach’s Green Community Alliance.

Jason Feldman

Mr. Feldman is an urban planner and he holds a B.A. in History from the University of Florida and a Master’s of City Planning Degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He is the former Chair of the Palm Beach County Progressive Democrats of America and a former local and regional organizer with Mr. Feldman has been involved with local environmental, anti-war, affordable housing, and anti-sprawl campaigns. In addition, he has served on various planning, zoning, and historic preservation boards in Florida and New York.

Jayne King

Ms. King has been an ardent supporter of grassroots electoral reform since her earliest days in her native South Florida. As a child she listened to the political discussion and witnessed the activism within her family. With this background, her future was inevitable. She would have an enduring passion for the voice of the people. Ms. King has been involved in the changes of American government, from the local level to worldwide movements and become the co-chair of the Florida Green Party in 2008. She is honored to accept this additional responsibility along with campaign management, her own business and being a wife and mother of three. She has brought her children to be conscious of the changing world around them. Ms. King is a former teacher and now serves on a variety of municipal and county advisor boards, along with non-profits and community organizations.