March 20th: Civic Forum on Electoral Reform

March 18, 2010

Tired of the stagnant, special interest dominated two-party system? Concerned about the recent Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited corporate spending on political campaigns? This Saturday, March 20th at 3:30 pm the Florida Initiative for Electoral Reform will host a Civic Forum on Electoral Reform. The event will take place at 2601 St. Andrews Blvd. at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Boca Raton, FL.

The event is being held to introduce the public to the broad concept of electoral reform with the goal of improving democracy in Florida and the nation as a whole. The Civic Forum will cover three more well known electoral reform policies in depth with expert speakers. The topics covered will include redistricting, campaign finance reform, and instant runoff voting. Subsequent breakout sessions will allow the audience to provide feedback and further recommendations. The organizers will compile the information into a white paper advocating the development of pluralistic, competitive democracy through various electoral reforms. An organization to push the ideas into action will also be created on the basis of the white paper.

Speakers at the event include Dr. Robert P. Watson, Coordinator of American Studies at Lynn University, Fred Markham, an expert on campaign finance reform, and policy analyst, urban designer, and futurist, Michael E. Arth. The Civic Forum on Electoral Reform is a non-partisan event organized by a group of concerned citizens working together to enrich and expand democracy.